Ballots for the 2014 W.A. election

I’ve just finished entering all of the group voting ticket information that was released earlier today by the AEC, so you can now go ahead and plan your W.A. senate vote for the senate election, which is being held on 5 April 2014.

(The site would have been updated earlier today had I not been on a plane for most of the day!)

As always, let me know if you have any comments, questions or problems.

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  1. I’d just like to thank you for this simple-to-use on-line piece of software. I have always voted below-the-line in senate elections and first used this tool for the 2013 federal election. I’ve just used it again for the 2014 WA senate re-run election so thanks for posting it online. Cheers, H.

  2. Great stuff, thanks.

  3. Your site is a God Send to anyone with an interest in the Senate

  4. I’ve been doing below the line Senate voting since I first became entitled to cast a vote at age 21 – that’s now 49 years ago! I also vote below the line at all State elections and I’ve always encouraged everyone to do this as it’s the only way that I can truly choose who I want to vote for. Many people just race in and put a tick, number 1 or a cross in one box above the line, usually at the behest of some party spruiker. Thinking carefully seems a bit out of their reach!

  5. Brilliant. This is the first time that I’ve had something to work with BEFORE going to the polling place. Thank you. At the last (failed) Senate poll in WA, I stuffed up my ballot twice. No erasers in the House. (Take one with you). So I had to again join the queue, again scrap my paper, again get a new voting paper, again wait for a booth. Mark II, 77 candidates. I know I will get muddled- I ALWAYS vote below the line. I start from No 1 for my preferred candidates. And in this case from 77 in reverse order for my least favoured candidates. In this case the Animal Justice Party. And then I run into problems in the middle of the paper. Today, I can go in, fully prepared, 1-77 candidates marked out on your paper. And armed with my eraser, just in case. Again, a big thank you. Why haven’t we had this before- even the print press could have provided a template over the last few decades OR do they want us to do donkey votes or Above-the-Line votes?

  6. Thank you so,so much!Very appreciative you have gone to the trouble of uploading all the data for the West Australian Senate re-election. A great example of supporting truly democratic practises for Australian voters!