We’ve moved to senate.io

In 2010, when I first registered the original name for this site, “belowtheline.cc”, I wasn’t aware that there was another very similarly named site at belowtheline.org.au that aimed to provide a similar service! I guess it just goes to show that there was a real need for a tool to help people get the most out of their senate votes. So to avoid confusion, belowtheline.cc has moved to senate.io. The old site will redirect to the new one automatically, so don’t worry if you have bookmarks still pointing to the old name.

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  1. Joe Bainbridge
    6 September 2013, 3:36 pm

    Great help. Thanks. Joe.

  2. Thank you for making it so easy; now we can simply walk in with this pre-prepared copy and transfer to our ‘below the line’ ballot paper much quicker a lot better informed. Great tool!

  3. I went to belowtheline.org.au and was wondering where the senate forms where that I remember from the previous election. A bit more hunting around and senate.io popped up.

    I very much like the one page PDF print out form. Very useful.

  4. Glenn Staunton
    7 September 2013, 2:08 am

    Easy to use, very helpful. Many thanks for your efforts.