Awaiting group voting tickets

Although the list of senate candidates has now been published, the registered group voting tickets have not. I’ll wait until they are available before enabling the 2010 ballot tool.

Meanwhile, a few small changes:

  • Fixed a bug where undo and redo would not always reset the above-the-line boxes to the correct state.
  • Changed the way bookmarking-to-save is implemented. Now, after every edit is made to the form, the current page’s address is updated to include the current state of the preferences. This means that to save the current state, you just need to bookmark the page.
  • Added some introductory text to the ballot view to explain how to use it.

The tool still doesn’t work at all well on the iPhone or iPad, primarily because it relies on mouse events and I haven’t added support for touch events. I may get a chance to look at this soon.

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